OK for sound

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Recorded the music for THE NORTHLEACH HORROR at the weekend with the Jane Gardner Trio (marvelous — somewhere between Jeeves and Wooster and BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW is how I’d describe it, if pressed), back teaching today, so I think that’s a good excuse for a rather light blog post.

Above is a fictional audio device, nicknamed the dongophone, which I built for the film — it’s one of the few props I made that actually made it into shot.

So it’s one of our top prizes for lucky Indiegogo campaign contributors…

“This is one of the few things I’ve made that hasn’t fallen apart,” I told the art dept.

“That’s because you haven’t put it in the hands of an actor yet.”

2 Responses to “OK for sound”

  1. FreddieFoxfan Says:

    When & where will the film be shown?

  2. We can’t know that until it’s finished. We have applied to Edinburgh International Film Festival in June but until they announce their programme nothing is certain. We will be targeting the best film fests, short film fests, fantasy film fests and comedy film fests. Suggestions welcome!

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