A Stately Hippodrome

negri pola mania historia pracownicy 1_4219150

Big head of Pola

My visits to the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema seem jinxed this year! On Wednesday I missed EARTH, which I wrote the programme notes for, Thursday my train was cancelled and I made it to the venue with seconds to spare (only thanks to meeting a Lithuanian who knew a shortcut) and on Sunday I’ll miss one show due to being in the edit for my film, which at least is a fairly positive, noble-sounding excuse. So I hope nothing goes wrong today — planning to see four shows. Wish me luck.

There will be a piece at The Chiseler very soon about the one film I’ve so far managed to see…

While waiting endlessly for a bus to take me from Linlithgow to Bo’ness on Thursday, I photographed Mary Queen of Scots standing in the grounds of Linlithgow Castle at magic hour. So that was good.


6 Responses to “A Stately Hippodrome”

  1. Judy Dean Says:

    Are you coming on Sunday? I’ll be there for Peter Pan and the Laurel and Hardy, so will look out for you. It’s a bugger of a place to get to, isn’t it, so I’m driving. Too bad I’m setting out from Fife otherwise I could have offered you a lift.

  2. Billy Wilder briefly considered Pola for Sunset Boulevard. But after meeting with her decided it wouldn’t work.

  3. And he considered Mae West too, supposedly. “I never play younger than 28,” she told him.

    Judy, I gave up my ticket to Peter Pan in order to be in the edit tomorrow, and I had moved too slowly to get one for Laurel & Hardy. Instead I may still make it through for Stella Dallas in the evening. Yes, getting there, and back, is tricky — caught the last bus tonight, which won’t even be available tomorrow.

  4. Mae West was being considered very early on in the project when Billy thought of it being strictly a comedy ie. without corpses in the pool or monkey funerals.

  5. –and Cliff Osmond in the Eric von Stroheim part.

  6. It could so easily have happened!

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