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A Stately Hippodrome

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Big head of Pola

My visits to the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema seem jinxed this year! On Wednesday I missed EARTH, which I wrote the programme notes for, Thursday my train was cancelled and I made it to the venue with seconds to spare (only thanks to meeting a Lithuanian who knew a shortcut) and on Sunday I’ll miss one show due to being in the edit for my film, which at least is a fairly positive, noble-sounding excuse. So I hope nothing goes wrong today — planning to see four shows. Wish me luck.

There will be a piece at The Chiseler very soon about the one film I’ve so far managed to see…

While waiting endlessly for a bus to take me from Linlithgow to Bo’ness on Thursday, I photographed Mary Queen of Scots standing in the grounds of Linlithgow Castle at magic hour. So that was good.