The Mother’s Day Intertitle: The tinseled haze


Not my mother! With whom Fiona and I had a delightful lunch (also present: father, brother, sister, their partners).

Intertitle from Harold Lloyd’s NOW OR NEVER.

6 Responses to “The Mother’s Day Intertitle: The tinseled haze”

  1. henryholland666 Says:

    Speaking of mothers…..I watched Philomena last night, I really liked it. I especially liked the use of the home movie of the son, how we see snippets of it before we finally see it when she meets up with her son’s surviving partner.

    I’m iffy on some of Steve Coogan’s characters I’ve seen (I loathed his character in The Trip) but I liked how he played Martin Sixsmith. I do feel the Irish Catholic church go off a bit lightly, but oh well.

  2. Recorded it, haven’t watched yet. Coogan is variable, but certainly hugely talented, and it’s nice to see him do drama sometimes. I get a bit frustrated by Frears’ lack of adventurousness as a filmmaker these days, but this kind of meaty actor stuff does seem up his street.

  3. “She was working him from behind,” was Richard Lester’s veredict after Superman II got him invited to the White House.

  4. That would make sense. Leader of the free world has to do something to counterbalance all that powerfulness.

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