Clock to enlarge — stunning images by Danny Carr taken on the set of THE NORTHLEACH HORROR using his high-tech stereoscopic science camera. As I understand it, the camera captures 360 degree shots of the environment which are useful in creating CGI effects. The old-school method, as practiced on the set of TERMINATOR II, was to take lots of Polaroids. This is much more fun!


Danny tends to appear in his own shots, as there is literally nowhere to hide from this camera. I love how the platform he’s standing on stretches into an impossible circle around him. I mean, it WAS a circle, but it was a positive, not a negative circle. Then the grey wall behind Danny is mostly the floor. It’s mind-warping.



The two orangey circles here actually faced each other. The top one is the platform Danny was seen standing on above, the lower, larger one is actually smaller and is suspended directly above.


I’m in this one (far right). My posture appears to be far better than I ever hoped. Minntu, our cinematographer, is to my left. In the distance we can glimpse actors Steven McNicollMitchell and Freddie Fox.


Danny again. Those mysterious orangey bits ALMOST look like they’re facing each other now. But the platform behind Danny now looks like a tabletop in front of him. One of the perils of deep focus is that it dissolves our perception of depth.

THE NORTHLEACH HORROR has a Facebook page here, and an Indiegogo campaign here.


9 Responses to “Stereoscopic”

  1. Crikey, I used to live in Northleach! I shall follow with interest!

  2. You’ll hardly recognize the old place!

  3. Hi David!

    The traditional way of doing “light probes” to get your lighting and reflection info for a scene is to take multiple exposures of a mirrored steel ball. I was using a one-click 360 degree camera so I’d be less irritating to AD Rory.

    Also, you can’t really get your big mirrored ball out when you’re fooling around at parties.

    These pics are done by taking the reflection info and converting it to stereographic projection — mapping the image on a sphere onto a plane. Or something. Whatever… it looks cool.

  4. Remindful of the last scene of Brazil

  5. Gill Fraser Lee Says:

    As a child in Northleach, I lived on a lane known as the ‘All Alone’. Glad to see you have cast Freddie Fox. He’s excellent

  6. Ooh, if we’d know about the “All Alone” we’d have added it to the script. We just chose the name because it sounds kind of horrible even though from the pics I’ve seen it seems to be a lovely place. Of course we filmed it around Edinburgh and never went near the Cotswolds at all.

  7. Gill Fraser Lee Says:

    Well, I guessed that, but found it amusing you’d chosen the name!

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