I jumbled up some directors’ names. Some are simple first letter transpositions, or first syllable transpositions. Some swap vowels. Many have been re-spelled to make them sparkle. Contributions welcome. But why?

Fable Errara.

Tintin Quarantino

Power Polo Pissolini

Sodden Steverbergh

Len Coach

Fob Bossy

Albert Rotman


Carnal Marcie

Clenny Raiment and Clenny Rare

Paean BraDrama

Frilliam Weedkin

Hernia Werzog

Khublai Stanrick

Litz Frang

Halfred Itchcock

Gert I. Borden

Bon Jolting & Boy Rolting

Pretzel & Powburger

Mortin Scarsese

Scene Doggle

Dan Bogpeteovich

Massive L. Jokeybitch

Bavi O’Mara

Lechered Wrister

Mackender Alexandrick

Tars Von Leer

Galaxy Ermine

Bum Tirton

Ally Wooden

Al Hashby

Berkby Buzzly

Welliam Willman

Steston Purges

Broad Towning

Hawkward Hows

Scidley Rott

Doe Janty

Codger Rorman

Bran Stakhage



8 Responses to “Spoonerized”

  1. I need a translation for that one!

  2. A certain dredlock-ridden Africa-American movie commentator.

  3. Oh, right! Didn’t know we were doing critics. Fanny Marber, then.

    Excellent, Simon!

  4. kevin mummery Says:

    I can’t believe East Clintwood was left off this list.

    No longer to be content to exist solely as a suburb in New Jersey, Mr. Clintwood embarked on a career as a movie director with the kind of results one would expect from someone who’d previously been a suburb in New Jersey.

  5. Butt Boeddicher. Tash Franklin. Livid Daench. Lerry Jewis.

  6. Crovid Danenberg
    Schlönker Voldorff
    Panman Norama
    Suggless Dirk
    Dire Meren
    Monio Maricelli
    Praunsa von Roheim
    Call Pox
    Cow-Key Arry-Smacky
    Jost Jon

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