Stand Up Straight

Limerwrecks is still in vampire mode, and I sink my crumbling canines in here, here and here, the subject in each case being that gift to the five-line verse, Murnau’s NOSFERATU.

6 Responses to “Stand Up Straight”

  1. I am visiting Geneva this week and have been startled to see Nosferatu everywhere in the poster campaigns for one of the upcoming referenda…

  2. Wow!

    Shadowplay will join you in Switzerland tomorrow…

  3. Sadly, I leave as Shadowplay arrives! This country isn’t big enough for the both of us…

  4. Haha, I thought you were going to Switzerland in corporeal form — you have become your blog in my mind! Nice write-up of the Caine movie — more to his 70s stuff at times, although the paycheck-chasing did quickly become a drag.

  5. Yeah, The Swarm seems to mark the start of that tendency, which quickly took over. His recovery from being the Jaws: The Revenge guy is truly remarkable.

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