Polar Opposite


One has to regret the linguistic quirk that causes Swedish and Danish films to end with a word which may mean “The End” as far as they’re concerned, but seems like a hurled imprecation to English-language viewers. When the movie ends with a romantic clinch it’s even more unfortunate, though in the case of MURDER MELODY (above) the cavorting bear is a cheerily surreal addition.

More on this film, a fun murder mystery directed by Bodil Ipsen, over at the Notebook in this week’s edition of The Forgotten.


6 Responses to “Polar Opposite”

  1. Most jarring appearance of that end title: Dreyer’s “Good Mothers,” a short about pregnant unmarried women and a bizarre government organization that tricks them into keeping their babies and teaching them racist songs.

  2. That does sound unfortunate! (and the film sounds very weird already)

  3. I always tell young film buffs, “It’s funny the first hundred times.”

  4. Maybe even 101…

  5. chris schneider Says:

    Let’s just say that bear + slut = a happy thought, at least as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Possible T-shirt design?

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