New Arrivals


Two from Masters of Cinema, on my window sill —

For mysterious reasons the picture is empinkened like faded Eastmancolor.

A TOUCH OF ZEN has a video essay by me and editor Timo Langer.

A NEW LEAF has a video essay by me with editor Stephen Horne. And a text piece by chum Glenn Kenny, the second time I’ve shared disc-space with the bard of Brooklyn (THE GANG’S ALL HERE is highly recommended).

Buy both and you can decide which of my editors you like best, or whether you prefer King Hu or Elaine May. I like both! It’s like snails and oysters, with me.

The Indiegogo campaign for THE NORTHLEACH HORROR is raging away — we have reached halfway to our target already, thanks to some super-generous patrons of the arts. Am worried that we may have exhausted our supply of really generous dedicated friends, family and followers — prove me wrong by helping out, or spread the word!

3 Responses to “New Arrivals”

  1. A New Leaf was taken away from May and cut up by Paramount studio chief Robert Evans. I remember seeing in the New York Times a still from the film (published well before its release) of a scene in which May’s character imagines herself to be Marilyn Monroe. VERY different from the released version as you might expect.

  2. “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls” indicated that Robert Evans couldn’t leave well alone with other people’s work.

    Don’t you worry David C, there’s still time, you will make it.

  3. David E, you mentioned that before and I quote you in the video essay — with acknowledgement and thanks.

    Of course Evans credits himself with saving The Godfather, but there are undoubtedly reasons why Coppola was resistant to working with him again.

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