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Photos by Sue Osmond.

I’m not in the habit of asking you for favours, all you wonderful people out there in the dark, but just this once I’m allowing myself the privilege.

We’ve started an Indiegogo campaign for our short film THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, which I have directed from a script by regular Shadowplayer Alex Livingstone & myself. We got a nice grant from the Scottish Film Talent Network which then got eaten up by costly things which you can hear about in our video ~

THE NORTHLEACH HORROR – Indiegogo from Dave Jack on Vimeo.

David Jack, a recent graduate from the film course I teach on, worked all of his socks off to get the film done on budget, and succeeded, so the idea of the Indiegogo is to enhance the film rather than rescue it. In other words, if you’re starving in a garrett somewhere, you probably need your money more than we do. But we can put it to some awfully creative uses…

If you’ve been enjoying the free jokes and observations on Shadowplay for some time now, this is your chance to pay something back. And you won’t just be helping one little short film — the plan is to use the short to make the feature, THE WHITSUNTIDE EXPERIMENT, and possibly the TV series, The Whitsuntide Experiments, and basically to rescue Fiona and I from the slightly horrible financial situation we’re in. Richard Lester told me, “George MacDonald Fraser was the night editor at the Glasgow Herald and he didn’t like it. So he said to his wife, ‘I’m going to write us out of this.'” Thus was born the Flashman series of novels.

The character of Whitsuntide is consciously designed to be hugely successful and change my life, the way Harry Flashman changed Fraser’s. He’s kind of like the Flashman of mad science, and kind of like Jerry Cornelius, and kind of like Colin Clive and Peter Cushing as Frankenstein. But not that much like anyone you’ve seen before.

Here’s Freddie Fox in the role ~


As it turns out, Freddie is a huge fan of the Flashman books, which seems auspicious. This production has been blessed with good luck and synchronicity. If you believe in that sort of thing, I think it might actually be lucky for you to get involved.

If you can’t contribute financially, please shout about the film on social media. Share the Indiegogo everywhere. We have a Facebook page also, where we will be posting images and trailers and stuff.

Here, once more, is the crucial link.

4 Responses to “Activate wallets”

  1. Campaign goal half-met in four days! Looking good.

    Contributed – you had me at “ghosts, nazis, nazi ghosts…”

  2. Will Freddie Fox return in the title role if the film (and/or TV series) comes to fruition?

  3. Might Freddie Fox play the lead role in any film or TV series that comes form this short film?

  4. Yes, that’s the idea. We have a feature script with the same character, and also a TV series proposal.

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