Full of Festivals


So, me and some friends have made a short film.

I know from NATAN and CRY FOR BOBO’s festival circuits where I’d like to go — Marrakech, Telluride, Pusan, Edinburgh. Not all of those are likely to be achievable. But as this film is a WWII science fiction horror comedy espionage movie, there may be other genre-specific options I don’t know about yet or haven’t thought of.

Producer Nigel Smith, on BOBO, targeted festivals that paid for filmmakers to visit, as well as festivals which gave prizes to shorts, which was a pretty good policy. Probably many festivals have less funding now so that list will have changed.

I want your top tips! Who brings guests, who is fabulously located, or prestigious, or generous, or fun? I had a great time in Sitges with BOBO, for instance, but haven’t been to the other fantasy film fests. Where do you recommend?

We are getting ahead of ourselves, in a way — we won’t even have a rough assembly until tomorrow! But these things are fun to think about in a Scottish January.


15 Responses to “Full of Festivals”

  1. I’d like that, too.

  2. The timing’s good! And it would be delightful.

  3. Gérardmer Festival International Festival de Film Fantastique (you’ve missed this year, but maybe for next…): http://festival-gerardmer.com/2016/

  4. I doubt any of these festivals will pay your fare, by the way, but they might be worth checking out anyway.

  5. I always go to Amsterdam Imagine (at Eye) every April. You’ve missed the deadline for this year, but it’s a nice fest so might be worth checking out for next year. http://www.imaginefilmfestival.nl/en

    It clashes with BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival) which is better known – but I loathe it as they encourage the audience to yell all the way through the films. I walked out of the last film I attended there after 20 minutes, and they refused to give me my money back for tickets I’d already bought, saying their audiences are well known for their yelling, so tough shit, or words to that effect. If you can put up with that shit (I can’t – I’m never going back there) it’s probably good for the CV.

  6. If you’re not already Twitter friends with Nia aka @stonecypher you should remedy that – she’s co-director of Abertoir Horror Festival in Wales.

  7. Fantasporto may also be worth a look. I was on the jury there in the mid-1980s. Lovely city. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasporto

  8. Fantastic! Especially because of the Welsh reference in our film. Though Portugal sounds enticing at this time of winter.

  9. It’s not THAT enticing – I kept leaving my radiators on and the hotel kept turning them off so that whenever I got in at night the room was freezing and by the time it warmed up it was morning and time for me to leave.

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