Talk Amongst Yourselves




Identify the film and win a biscuit.

More snazzy widescreen composition to help try get me up to speed with the masters.

6 Responses to “Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  1. Chris Kuhrt Says:


  2. First wild guess is JIGOKU, which I haven’t seen…..I happen to be filming in 16mm anamorphic for a project right now! With lots of layers!

  3. Both correct — since Chris’s comment didn’t get cleared until after Paul’s, technically you both win a biscuit. What kind of biscuit would you each like? I’m presuming there are no really really expensive biscuits in the world which will bankrupt me?

  4. Please mail my biscuit to Mrs. Wilberforce, c/o King’s Cross Station, Baggage Check, London, England.

  5. Chris Kuhrt Says:

    I suppose given the context a funeral biscuit would be appropriate – honestly, the dual pleasure of recalling its widescreen depravities based on a screening at the Los Angeles American Cinematheque years ago and reading your blog is reward aplenty. Cheers to your continued filmmaking success David!

  6. Chris Kuhrt Says:

    And to yours Paul!

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