Brown trousers time


The night before Billy Wilder began shooting THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR, he called his mentor, Ernst Lubitsch (pictured).

“Tomorrow I start directing my first film, and I will shit my pants.”

The Great Man replied, “I have directed sixty films and I still shit my pants.”

Not to put myself on a level with either of those geniuses, except perhaps in the pants-shitting department, where I fancy I can hold my own with anybody.

THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, my new short film, starts filming today.


4 Responses to “Brown trousers time”

  1. You better not soil all that thermal underwear I bought you! Anyway, good luck! Break a leg or whatever you say to directors rather than actors. I have to go now. The cat is shouting at me.

  2. Here’s the big musical number from You’re Never Too Young — the Martin and Lewis remake of The Major and the Minor with Jerry playing Ginger’s role. Fassbinder adored this number and included it in In a Year of 13 Moons where Gottfried John’s Millionaire and his flunkies sing and dance to it.

  3. kevin mummery Says:

    If THE NORTHLEACH HORROR lives up to it’s name, maybe you’ll have some competition in the pants-shitting competition! Good luck and break a sweat!

  4. In these sub-zero temperatures, sweat is hard to come by, but my thermals may help. Thermal socks, leggings, vest, hat, gloves, snood and aftershave.

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