Streets Full of Water, Please Advise


With much of Britain underwater, three things cheer me up.

  1. I’m not underwater.
  2. I’m about to shoot a film. Entirely located on hillsides, luckily enough.
  3. LET US PREY, the horror film Fiona & I co-wrote, has been named in some end-of-year top tens.

At UK Horror Scene, Elliott Maguire ranks us at number 3. “Every shot could be straight out of a graphic novel, everything moves at breakneck pace, and before you know it you’re swallowed up in a dark, nasty, energetic descent into darkness.”

The podcast Killer POV mentions us favourably at 1 hr 31 secs and again at 1 hr 58 mins.

Rob G ranks us at 7 over at Blumhouse. “Freakish and surprisingly gory.”

Another 7 from Rebekkah McKendry at the same site.”It’s sleazy and vicious, but somehow a stylish treat to watch!”

At Fangoria, the death of the character played by Brian Vernel (above, also to be seen in THE FORCE AWAKENS) gets placed at lucky number 7 in the list of best deaths of the year compiled by Ken Hanley, who not so long ago was turning Twitter blue venting his wrath at me for trashing the magazine’s treatment of a piece I wrote. All friends again!

Best of all, Modern Horrors gave us film of the year and joint prize for story of the year, which means a lot. “Not only is it full of buried mythology and symbolism, but it works equally as well when taken at face value. It’s beautifully shot, the acting is top notch, the FX are brutal, and the sound design/composition is crisp and moody. The end result is something that may be outperformed in singular categories, but exists cohesively as a simply astonishing piece of horror cinema.”

And they treated us to a video essay unpicking the mythological symbolism in the film — which we must credit to director Brian O’Malley. We put in the biblical quotes but he took it all in unexpected and delightful directions.


3 Responses to “Streets Full of Water, Please Advise”

  1. Let Us Prey was great. I missed all the Chinese turtle symbolism, but I’ll go with it. My daughter’s reaction to the last scene: “Oh my god, it was all a MEET-CUTE!”

  2. Ha!

    We didn’t write a word of the ending, but we can live with it.

    One day, a breakdown of how the script changed during development may be appropriate/of interest. For now, we’re delighted with Brian and the gang’s work.

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