My Name is Legion


Charles Boyer frocks up for Sirk over at The Forgotten, in the second in our little series triggered by the New York retrospective.

6 Responses to “My Name is Legion”

  1. chris schneider Says:

    You have a gift for titles, David.

  2. Thank you, kind sir. Kind of miss the days when each Forgotten could have its own peculiar title.

  3. henryholland666 Says:

    Van Johnson does a really good job as a priest in When in Rome, with Paul Douglas as a n’er do well he befriends. Johnson’s character is essentially a good man but he also has a bit of a “convert the heathen” about him which leads to problems.

    He also plays a priest in the pretty bad Rosalind Russell vehicle Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows!, it’s a more typical wise-crackin’ priest role.

    My favorite priest role is Alec Guinness’ The Cardinal in The Prisoner, Sir Alec is incredible in that austere gem.

  4. Now there’s a film I should see. I’m curiously fond of Peter Glenville. I even enjoyed The Comedians.

  5. Everybody’s favorite priest is still the poor, sad, cancer-stricken lovely “modeled” by Claude Laydu

  6. henryholland666 Says:

    TCM had a mini-Bresson festival recently, I really liked Diary of a Country Priest and Au hasard Balthazar a lot, especially the ending of the latter. I didn’t care much for The Trial of Joan of Arc, it seemed too repetitive (Do you repent? No. Do you repent? No. etc. etc.), plus I had Dreyer’s amazing The Passion of Joan of Arc in mind beforehand, that might have been a factor.

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