Behave, Satan!


Red-hot monkey action in A SCANDAL IN PARIS. This fortnight’s forgotten considers this film, part of a trilogy of Douglas Sirk – George Sanders collaborations soon to screen in New York. Here.


9 Responses to “Behave, Satan!”

  1. henryholland666 Says:

    Saw “Lured” last week, really enjoyed it. Pre-“I Love Lucy” Ball is terrific, the script is well done and Sanders and Karloff do their parts well. The direction is good but falls in to the “an odd angle for the sake of an odd angle” trap a few times, but I’ll watch it again.

    My favorite classic Sirk film is “Written on the Wind”, it does what it does very well. I also really like the faux-Sirk “Far from Heaven” as well.

  2. I would love to know how the last shot of Far from Heaven got so bodged — the whole film is such a loving pastiche (on a surface level — it’s more than that underneath) that i’t unfathomable how the final crane shot went wrong.

    Seeing Lucille in Lured gives a sense of what Welles’ The Smiler with the Knife could have been like if he’d starred her in it as planned.

  3. Less freaky than Autant-Lara’s monkey!

  4. But still uncanny — when Satan walks in that nightgown, he/she is so smooth as to seem to glide like a little hairy Dalek.

  5. G. H. Lewmer Says:

    Great article David! Especially nice to see someone championing the Pre-Universal period that many Sirk fans to be have yet to discover. Hoping one day I can read your take on the remarkable beast that is “Sign of the Pagan.” Keep up the exceptional work!

  6. Sign of the Pagan is indeed a weird beastie and if I get a chance to revisit it I’d love to write something up. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Can’t wait for you to get to HITLER’S MADMAN, which apparently had uncredited work by Ulmer, as well as retelling a similar story as HANGMEN ALSO DIE!

  8. henryholland666 Says:

    I would love to explore pre-glossy studio projects with Big Stars Douglas Sirk, recommendations would be most welcome.

  9. We hope to revisit Sirk in the next installments of The Forgotten, so you’ll get plenty of recommendations.

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