Let’s Get Late


Regular blogathon participant and Shadowplayer Gareth’s Movie Diary considers “A picture that counts double in the late film stakes: director Jean Girault died during filming of star Louis de Funès’s swansong” — here. Makes me wonder what the MOST late late film is? I want to suggest Robert DeNiro as a great late actor, since he appears in the last Kazan, the last Leone, the last Brando, John Frankenheimer’s penultimate cinema film, and a film that was both Gregory Peck’s last and a posthumous outing for Bernard Herrmann. I’m probably missing a few others.

And at Limerwrecks, a nod to John Ford’s last in verse.

4 Responses to “Let’s Get Late”

  1. I chat with Anne Bancroft about a lot of things, but especially Seven Women HERE

  2. Awesome! And the idea of Bancroft as a female John Wayne makes perfect sense in the context of that movie.

  3. Rivette was crazy about Seven Women. It’s ritualistic mise en scene can be seen in hi Noroit.

  4. That also makes sense. Rivette invented his own mythos and his own exoticism.

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