A couple of banners, reminding you that December first sees the return of our micro-blogathon. Anybody who’s interested can take part, as long as they link to Shadowplay and include a banner. I would love to have more entries this year, but I’m rather busy with teaching and a new film and one more video essay so I don’t have a lot of time to chase you up. Be a darling and come to me.

The only rule is that the films discussed must be last, or penultimate, or anyhow LATE entries from the filmographies of their directors, or stars, or writers.


Images are from LA PRISONNIERE (late Clouzot) and THE THOUSAND EYES OF DR MABUSE (late Lang).



6 Responses to “Showtime”

  1. Out of coincidence, we recently managed to publish our Chaplin issue at projectorhead.

    One of the articles, written by me, is Chaplin’s penultimate film, A King in New York which struck me as a radical late film.

    It’s not exactly part of this, but I’d like to think it was my contribution.

  2. Let’s put up another link when the blogathon starts! It would be lovely totie you into this.

  3. I would be glad…I contributed a couple of articles to Late Film Blogathon two or three years back.

  4. I’d like to write something on La Folie Almayer, Chantal Akerman’s last feature, provided the DVD reaches me on time.

  5. Yes please! As always, your contribution would be hugely appreciated.

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