World’s Smallest Blogathon


That time again — December 1st – December 7th will be our annual tiny blogathon, in which any one and everyone is invited to write about the last or second-last or anyhow late movies by directors, actors and other movie persons. If you have your own blog, put something up there and we’ll link to it. If not, get in touch here and I can publish it for you.

I’m thinking I might get around finally to late Lumet, the last Frankenheimer TV show, and isn’t it time I did THE DEAD or EYES WIDE SHUT, since they’re so Christmassy?

Suggestions welcome!

7 Responses to “World’s Smallest Blogathon”

  1. Lumet’s last Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead seems more relevant than ever now that everyone stateside is suddenly getting upset over heroin use as thanks to legal drugs that aren’t sufficient “painkillers” upper middle-class white people are becoming addicted at massive rates spurred buy the fact that it’s now cheaper than cigarettes. Here’s a scene from the film that’s virtually a documentary in that it centers on its now-OD’d star.

  2. If you watch “Before the devil knows you’re dead”, I recommend not having any little old ladies round for tea at the start.

  3. Yes, that one, and also Find Me Guilty — I’ve always been curious about seeing it.

  4. Oh that one’s tons of fun. Vin Diesel and Peter Dinklage are hilarious in it.

  5. Lumet was asked why he cast a little person and he said it was because the film was mostly talking so audiences would need something to look at!

  6. One could do a blogathon on films that limped to completion after the death of a star or key player: Saratoga (Jean Harlow), Night They Raided Minsky’s (Bert Lahr), Wagons East (John Candy), The Crow (Brandon Lee), etc. Then there are films that work entirely with old clips of the departed, such as Trail of the Pink Panther (outtakes of Peter Sellers from earlier films) and Plan 9 From Outer Space (a few shots of Bela Lugosi from an unrealized Ed Wood idea).

  7. Brainstorm, finished after Natalie Wood’s death, at least avoided using any stand-ins. But I think they had to use a filmed rehearsal for the ending.

    That would be a grim blogathon! Our Late Show can get a little grim at times, but there are uplifting moments too, I like to think.

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