Inn Sight


I have contributed a video essay to the Eureka! Masters of Cinema dual-format Blu-ray/DVD of King Hu’s DRAGON INN. Working with editor Stephen Horne we hacked this thing together in record time to fill a gap left by another contributor who had to drop out. This leaves me looking a bit opportunistic since I wrote about seeing this film for the first time at Bologna last year, and I was a complete newbie to wuxia at the time, by my own admission, so when did I find time to become an expert?

Well, I didn’t, but you can learn the basic info quickly enough, and then I relied on what I could say with confidence simply from looking at the film itself, close analysis, stylistic observation, funny comments. Hopefully it works, and I know it’s very snappily cut together by Mr. Horne. And MoC were pleased enough to give me the job of doing another piece for A TOUCH OF ZEN, coming soon.

I have another commission from them also but I won’t tell you about that yet…

You can buy the discs from the evil organisation below and thereby help support Shadowplay — and also get yourself some marvelous swordfighting high-leaping entertainment.

Dragon Inn (1967) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD)


5 Responses to “Inn Sight”

  1. I adore Goodbye Dragon Inn

  2. Ideally there should be a box set with both films, but probably leaving out the various official and unofficial remakes that have accrued down the years.

    The DVD booklet has an essay by Tsui Hark in which he bemoans his inability to capture the unique flavour of King Hu’s original.

  3. Very excited to finally see the film within Tsai’s film! And of course A Touch of Zen in a good edition at last. But most of all I’m excited about the upcoming release you hint at above which obviously must be Flaming Creatures. Long overdue!

  4. I think the relationship between Dragon Inn and Goodbye Dragon Inn is a bit different from the relationship between Red River and The Last Picture Show, though both Tsai and Bogdanovinc wanted to use a good movie for their valedictory screenings.

  5. I buy very few DVDs these days but both DRAGON INN and A TOUCH OF ZEN go to the top of my evil organisation wish list. Amazing films and their director really was King.

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