The Sunday Intertitle Is Awesome


We’d been told THE LEGO MOVIE was awesome, and it kind of is. Plus, it has intertitles! Each delivered in a scene-specific style. Since part of the movie’s message is a celebration of unfettered creativity, where things that don’t necessarily belong together can be made to fit (hence, a movie containing Batman, Dumbledore, C-3PO and Unikitty, whatever Unikitty is), it makes sense for each intertitle to use a different style, although mainly unified by a Lego theme. It’s actually a little disappointing that the newsflash style one doesn’t have any overt Lego in it. I love how the retro silent movie one is being projected on a Lego wall.

A couple of days after watching it, I recall that there were a great many jokes, too many to take in on one viewing, and the fast pace and sharply delineated candy-coloured surfaces made for an eyeball-searing, pixilated/pixelated parade of fast and furious action. Hero Chris Pratt’s journey across an interdimensional portal looks like he’s been catapulted through the heart of a kaleidoscope, and that could stand as metaphor for the whole movie’s effect upon the viewer.

Where he winds up after his trip is fascinating, and for a while you’re really unsure where the movie is taking itself/you, an exciting feeling in a big commercial product/film. What the narrative settles for is ultimately very conventional, but it matters that it gets there by a surprising route and with a great deal of wit and charm.

It’s still a film about a toy, designed to sell a toy, and therefore evil, right? But it’s aware of the contradictions between its cat poster philosophy and hard-nosed business plan, and makes a warm-hearted joke out of this.

I’m not sure if the below qualifies as an intertitle. “First rule of the sea:”



5 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle Is Awesome”

  1. One of my other favorite bits – “DARKNESS. THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT. NO PARENTS.”

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