Human Limerwreckage


Hilary Barta’s Limerwrecks site, quiescent these past few trices, is back for the run-up to Halloween!

As usual, I have contributed some dodgy doggerel, which you can click through to here and here. The subject is MAD LOVE (the best kind. Be sure to check out the other authors’ shapely lims.

There once was a limerick writer

Whose second line needed to get a bit tighter

His third was short

And his fourth didn’t rhyme

But his last one couldn’t be any shiter more perfect.


5 Responses to “Human Limerwreckage”

  1. Wonder, David! The whole of London’s talking about you!

  2. heh heh heh
    And the movie is in TCM’s Halloween lineup. Again.

  3. That’s funny. Love the strike-through.

    I wrote a short post on Mad Love called “Three Aspects of Obsessive Love.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any constrictive feedback. Here is the link:

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