Immortal Longings and Immoral Earnings


Well, once in a while, things in my movie “career” move rapidly —

Paul Duane and I just heard that, thanks to the tireless efforts of the mighty Serge Bromberg, the rights to all the film clips used in our documentary NATAN have now been cleared in all territories for ten years. This is paid for by a sale to French TV, and Serge’s Lobster Films will be releasing a DVD (this may be the French version of the film only, to give us a chance to sell DVD rights separately in English-speaking territories).

We won’t get rich yet, but the movie is finally starting to achieve commercial release.

The same evening I hear that the Scottish Film Talent Network are funding my new short, THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, which I will direct and which I’ve co-written with regular Shadowplayer Alex Livingstone (of Dune: The Musical fame). Apparently I qualify as “emerging talent,” although emerging from where and to where is uncertain. All that is known for sure is that I have been doing my emerging very slowly.

The short is a standalone story but also the introduction to a character we hope to base a feature film around. We already have the script for that one too.

Now I have to decide whether to raise additional funds with a Kickstarter campaign — the movie is an absurdly ambitious World War Two science fiction horror comedy (that’s a genre, right?) and we need period detail, CGI effects, Nazis, monsters (well, one Nazi and one monster) and a cast that runs quite literally into single figures. How much do you think I could raise? Anybody want to help out? We need lots of old junk, electronics, levers and stuff, and people to cobble it together to create a MAD SCIENTIST’S LABORATORY. How fun is that?


6 Responses to “Immortal Longings and Immoral Earnings”

  1. Kickstarter. Indiegogo. It’s all good. Especially if you can get any kind of celeb as a “consulting producer” to appear in your campaigns. And I’m a very cheap actor. Also, Congratulations fella!

  2. Thanks!

    I feel guity about applying for funds when we already have some, but it’s less than half what we had on Cry for Bobo, so even allowing for the reduction of costs by using digital, we’ll be stretched tight. A boost from the public could make a big difference.

    I’m keeping you in mind, because you’re not only cheap, you’re very good!

  3. Hoorah! I know what you mean but a friend of mine recently did this…
    It got me thinking quite differently about crowdfunding.

  4. Indiegogo better as you can still get money ifyou dont hit target. Have a friend Artist who used it for a project I can get you a meeting with her if you want….

  5. A lot of my students are using it, so advice is readily to hand, but I’ll keep her in mind, thanks!

  6. Very, very exciting news all round, David! I’d happily contribute to any crowd-sourcing of your work. Not before time!

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