I’ve Been Picked Up


OK — Film Club, August tenth — next Monday — just got A LOT more exciting.

As regular readers know, I interviewed Richard Lester at length for Criterion’s A HARD DAY’S NIGHT disc, so I have some unused quotes from The Great Man I can make use of as required.

I’ve tracked down a rare-ish interview with playwright Ann Jellicoe so we can get her thoughts too.

And now I have conducted an email interview with screenwriter Charles Wood, who was kind enough to share his memories of working on the film.

And today, at 3pm, I shall be talking on the phone to Rita Tushingham, one of the film’s stars. This is extremely cool to me. I met Rita when we recorded the VO for my Criterion extra. She’s still best of friends with Lester and I think she’s actually going to be round at his house when we speak.

All of this makes this the most thorough and in-depth Film Club I can imagine, which means that rather than relaunching the Film Club thing, I may have to retire it, on a high.

New Yorkers are urged to see the movie, in 35mm, at Lincoln Centre on Saturday night or Monday evening. Link.


5 Responses to “I’ve Been Picked Up”

  1. RITA TUSHINGHAM — BEYOND COOL!!!!! Ask her about The Bed-Sitting Room and my darling Richard Warwick.

  2. Simon Fraser Says:

    The last and only time I saw the Knack was with you more than 2 decades ago. You’ve come a long way baby!

  3. Lovely chat with Rita and she has fond memories of Richard Warwick and The Bed Sitting Room.

    Everybody should see The Knack. I’m just going to watch it again.

  4. Oh how wonderful! Richard Warwick, gawd rest ‘im, was a rarely beautiful being. I last saw him in the 1990s at Edinburgh Airport heading back to London, he had been appearing onstage in Treasure Island. Had no idea that would be the last time…
    Ann Jellicoe was very smart about her success; she quit the developing limelight to work in community theatre and, indeed, published Community Plays, an invaluable volume which I still treasure. Ditto her play The Sport of My Mad Mother.

  5. Everyone get hold of a copy of Shelley, or, The Idealist, her play about Percy Bysshe Shelley — magnificent!

    The Shadowplayhouse is struggling on with one laptop between the two of us (thanks, Microsoft, for your toxic upgrade!) but we will get that Film Club up come hell or high water.

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