Hail Satan!


SPLAT! Something splodgy happened to the print, so the hand-tinting of the flowers Lyda Borelli is holding in this frame from RAPSODIA SATANICA goes ker-splotch and pinks a great portion of the screen, just for a frame, like Donald Sutherland’s bleeding slide in DON’T LOOK NOW.

RAPSODIA SATANICA is the subject of this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten, here, and you can if you choose watch the whole film (it’s well under an hour and completely delirious).

Incidentally, I had a missed date with Lyda Borelli. Preparing to attend the Milan Film Festival, I looked up cinematic connections with the city, and discovered that she was interred there. I trotted along to the church to pay my respects, but could find no trace of the deceased diva, though there was a scary mummified saint, which made the trip well worthwhile. Now, when I look up Borelli, I find she’s actually buried in Rome, which explains why she stood me up. But the internet DEFINITELY said Milan around 2002, because where else would I have gotten the idea? After all, in 2002, I had never HEARD of Lyda Borelli…

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