Talking Turkey with Death


Maybe my favourite show at EIFF this year — so far — has been MACARIO, which happens to fit neatly into this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten. It may be the best-known Roberto Gavaldon film, but let’s face it, there ARE no well-known Roberto Gavaldon films. Based on this evidence, there should be.

2 Responses to “Talking Turkey with Death”

  1. Macairo was an art house hit in the U.S. winning highly favorable reviews from the NYT and other papers.

    Gavalon is dear to my heart both for it and his very different The Adventures of Casanova, a light-spirited romance starring Arturo DeCordova and Lucile Bremer.

    MGM had sold Lucille’s contract to “Eagle-Lion” — a division of PRC. Not only was this film tons better than the dreck she was offered after Yolanda and the Thief laid its Fabrege egg, but during the shoot she met and married the son of the Vice-President of Mexico. Together they created the ultra-chic resort Cabo San Luca had several children and lived happily ever after until the divorce some thirty years later.

    And now it’s Coffee Time!

  2. I’ve finally tracked down a copy of the Casanova, and a few more Mexican Gavaldons with subtitles, which I hope to be viewing and writing about soon.

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