Count Sherlock Summerisle Dooku de Richleau


My Christopher Lee tribute/obituary/reminiscence is up at The Chiseler.

I wasn’t sure how Fiona’s brother Roddy would take the sad news. He knows Christopher Lee was an actor, and therefore mortal. But he also seems to believe in Dracula as a real person, though perhaps not real the way his sister or his care workers are real. Real like Jesus, maybe. Or Santa Claus, whom he also purports to believe in, but probably just for fun.

A week or so ago he asked me “Has Christopher Lee made any more DRACULA films?” — so it was a matter of ongoing interest. On Friday he rang up and said, “Have you heard the sad news?” So he took it much the same way we did. You shouldn’t get TOO upset about the death of aged celebrities you’ve never met. But we did all WANT to get to meet him, someday.


9 Responses to “Count Sherlock Summerisle Dooku de Richleau”

  1. Yesterday on her Facebook page Barbara Steele made note of what a lovely person he was to work with.

    Now with Lee gone she’s the last Classic Horror Icon.

  2. An ever-dying breed.

    More Barbara Steele news here soon…

  3. Our Fangoria essay on Barbara has been delayed (again), but when it emerges… ZOWIE!

  4. Hey, maybe you should pitch the idea of a critical appreciation of Lee. They have lots of people reminiscing already, but this would be coming at him from a different angle.

  5. If I do, are you in?

  6. the barbara issue will be out next week!!!!!

  7. apparently Harriet Walter is Christopher Lee’s neice or great neice she was talking about him on the radio

  8. Wow! And we were just watching her in Ian McEwen’s TV play The Imitation Game, and remarking that you would enjoy it. Very little in common with the subsequent Cumberpicture of the same name, but a strong feminist tale.

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