The Sunday Intertitle: Early History


People often say to me, “Knowing your early history as Tarzan, I’m amazed that you could have out-grown it so completely!”

And it’s true, to look at me, few would think I once swung — or is that swang? — from the great, conveniently spaced liannas of the African jungle, yodelling for all to hear. Very little in my demeanour today suggests one accustomed to wrestling crocodiles before breakfast, and the dainty way I eat my tiramisu does not greatly support any assumption that I was raised by a tribe of non-specific apes. I travel to my job at Edinburgh College of Art by omnibus, rather than upon the back of my pachyderm friend Tantor, who for all I know is now four umbrella stands and a shit-ton of ivory billiard balls. I do not pound my chest in polite society, my wardrobe is more likely trousers and a T-shirt than a leopard-skin loin-cloth, and my home is a tenement in Leith rather than a treehouse with en suite chimp.


Still, as the intertitle above says, At heart I’ll always be Tarzan, And I expect you will be, too.

Titles from TARZAN THE TIGER (1929).


8 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Early History”

  1. Gill Fraser Lee Says:

    Me Jane

  2. For perfect grammar, that should really be “Me AM Jane.”

  3. At heart I’ll always be Bomba the Jungle Boy.

  4. How Bomba-stic!

  5. henryholland666 Says:

    Ha! I had TCM on in the background while I was eating breakfast yesterday, they were showing the Bomba boy movie “The African Treasure”. The Leonard Maltin mini-review on describes it as “formulaic jungle intrigue”. Johnny Sheffield was 21 when it was made, I’m legally able to notice how hot he was.

    TCM is showing “Bomba and the Jungle Girl” on Saturday morning 6/20 (or 20/6 if you prefer) Pacific Time, I’ve already set up a recording.

  6. DBenson Says:

    Johnny Weissmuller reported said that Elmo Lincoln was an extra on “Tarzan’s New York Adventure.” Elmo would shout “Save your money, Johnny!”

    Johnny Sheffield wrote some recollections for a website that sadly appears to have vanished (

    One memory involved medalist Weissmuller training a competitive swimmer named Brenda in his off hours. After some losses he decided to challenge the conventional wisdom of no sex before a meet. Brenda won. After that, Weissmuller would periodically announce to the crew “Brenda swims tonight!” and get cheers.

    On another occasion Weissmuller noticed Sheffield shyly eying Brenda (no relation) Joyce and yelled “Boy all grown up now!”

    Sheffield got along well with Weissmuller and remembered the Bomba shoots as cheap but happy,

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