Antwerp Calling


If you know Harry Kumel’s remarkable DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS and MALPERTUIS, you may well be eager to know more. Now you shall! This fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten examines a little-known work from this neglected auteur.

14 Responses to “Antwerp Calling”

  1. Christopher Lee RIP and there goes my childhood (and yes I do mean Hammer and not fucking LOTR). :(

  2. Bulldog Drummond, Fagin and Dracula in the space of days. Much as I loved Richard Johnson and Ron Moody, this is the more deeply felt loss.

    It’s not going to be an open casket funderal, is it, because that would raise false expectations.

    By all accounts a lovely, talkative man. And I was just contemplating trying to get him for a film.

  3. henryholland666 Says:

    This is my favorite role of his:

    Reading a couple of obituaries, he sounds like a fascinating man to have known, he was interested in so many things. RIP.

  4. The Wicker Man was his own favourite too, and he campaigned relentlessly for it during the years when it was obscure and hard to see.

    Another of his favourites was The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, a film I adore unreasonably. It broke his typecasting in horror roles, he felt, even though it didn’t perform at the box office.

  5. “Bulldog Drummond, Fagin and Dracula in the space of days.”

    If Alan Moore doesn’t work that into one last LOEG, I’ll be disappointed.

  6. John Seal Says:

    There’s a lengthy article about Joachim Stiller in Issue 5 of The Journal of Interstitial Cinema, a crude paper mag which is required reading in my parts.

    Also, what a lousy day (and let’s not forget Ornette Coleman).

  7. John Seal Says:

    Actually it’s a full article on the ‘lesser known works of Kumel’, but there’s lots of info on Stiller…

  8. There was a Kumel season at the NFT in London a few years ago and for some reason this film didn’t make it.

  9. Maybe because it was made for TV. But there’s now a DVD at least.

  10. chtis schneider Says:

    For non-horror Lee roles, don’t forget the Lester-directed MUSKETEERS.

  11. Yeah, I feel bad for Lester, three of his collaborators have died in the last couple of weeks: Lee, Ron Moody (Mouse on the Moon) and Julie Harris, costume designer on the Beatles films.

  12. Michael Kemp Says:

    “Joachim Stiller” WAS screened at the Kumel retrospective at the NFT ~ that’s where I saw it first (before the DVD came out)…

  13. Thanks for the info! I guess Roger missed it, then erased it from the memory banks since he hadn’t seen it.

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