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Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto undertook an interesting project in the early nineties. visiting cinemas across the US, he photographed screenings of movies, timing his exposure to the exact runtime of the movie showing. The film was thus condensed into a single white rectangle, all its 24fps overlapped into a white void like the one Jimmy Stewart plunges into during his VERTIGO dream sequence. This one is called Grand Lake, Michigan, but alas does not inform us of what movie was running. It might have been HOME ALONE II: LOST IN NEW YORK, or SISTER ACT. And we would be able to say, truthfully, “Yeah, I’ve seen that. It was OK, for what it was.”

3 Responses to “Seen It”

  1. He was doing it as far back as 1988 because that’s when I had a summer job as an ‘invigilator’, or the person that sits in the corner of the room to stop you from groping the Anthony Gormleys, on ROSC ’88, which is where I first saw these works. I can’t remember much else from that show, but these photographs have stayed in my memory.

  2. Jim Cobb Says:

    Saw his works at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts many years ago. The photographs were huge, almost wall filling. If I remember correctly he used something like a pinhole camera to capture his images. My guess is that many of the theaters he photographed are no longer standing..

  3. I like the Sherlock Jnr framing and the epic, universal sense of Cinematic Experience — even without an audience visible.

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