Ant Music

Here’s the film — the first Czechoslovakian stop-motion movie — head over to The Chiseler for the accompanying article. I don’t think it matters too much if you read the piece before watching the movie or vice versa. If you have to choose, I guess I’d rather you read the article, because I have feelings, damnit.


2 Responses to “Ant Music”

  1. DBenson Says:

    I’ve seen the film; didn’t make the connection to war propaganda. Was this the filmmakers’ sentiment, or a bit of insurance to get official approval, or an actual dictate from above?

    By odd coincidence, watching the Gene Deitch Tom & Jerry disc tonight. In a bonus feature he talks about producing the cartoons in 1960s Prague, where animators had never even seen a Tom & Jerry. He notes Czech animation began with puppet films, which in turn drew on the stylized motion and aesthetics of pre-film puppetry. Lipsynced dialogue and realistic movement initially struck them as peculiar affectations.

  2. I think it’s more a case of current events filtering subconsciously into the film. There might even be a reverse reading where the evil spider represents Hitler, or the animator (caught in a treadmill of endless labour for the benefit of children). In a sense, of course, we can never know the artist’s intention and so the text is merely an open document for us to apply any meaning to we can get away with.

    I think the Czech animators may have been right about lipsync and realism! Certainly there’s something very pure about their wordless films.

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