The Shadowplay Impossible News Quiz



Identify the films, if you like. Or, if you can think of another way of interacting with the images and making a quiz out of it, do that, and win extra points for ingenuity.


10 Responses to “The Shadowplay Impossible News Quiz”

  1. #2 is Page Miss Glory. Too early in the A.M. to make anything out of it.

  2. I liked the way PMG basically portrays Lindbergh as a posturing idiot. That’s a far more charitable view than the more accurate “fearless aviator-fascist antisemite” paradigm.


  3. I think the first one is the Karloff-Lugosi picture “The Invisible Ray”, in which Karloff is exposed to strange radiation from an unknown element in a meteorite and gains the ability to destroy things and people by touch. Of course he goes stark staring mad and goes on a rampage. Somehow he connects up a row of statues at the church where Karloff’s wife remarried after he faked his death (as you do) with the other members of the expedition that found the meteorite, and every time he kills one of them he also destroys a statue.

  4. a) The Incredible Melting Statue
    b) Fitzcarraldo 2: Fitzcarralder
    c) Abbot and Costello meet Citizen Kane

  5. Mono, correct!

    Simon, incorrect in appealing ways.

  6. DBenson Says:

    “Invisible Ray” is a favorite because they seem intent on cramming a bunch of genres into one movie:

    — Dracula-type opening with a creepy castle
    — Sci-Fi gimmickry with a hint of Flash Gordon (pretty sure Flash borrowed that sequence of zooming through space)
    — Forbidden emotions among very proper Brits on safari
    — Mad scientist going madder, with a side of superstitious natives
    — Revenge-crazed serial killer in Paris, with cops trying to crack obvious pattern and Setting a Trap

    One likes to imagine a script being written/rewritten on the fly with puzzled actors being hustled to whatever standing set was open that week.

    A favorite front page comes from “Johnny Dangerously”, a pseudo Mel Brooks gangster movie. At one point an over-the-top sputtering Italian stereotype is arrested. A headline proclaims “MORONI DEPORTED TO SWEDEN” with the small subhead “Claims He’s Not From There”.

  7. There’s also a lovely image of Karloff captured upon the retina of one of his victims. That myth about the dying eye acting as a camera makes it into movies all too rarely — Argento based one of his lesser gialli around it.

    Seems nobody remembers the third film as well as I do?

  8. DBenson Says:

    “Nickelodeon” referenced the eye-camera thing. It had an overheated stage production of “The Klansman”, with an actor using it to identify a killer. This cued “the ride of the Klan” by a single horseman on a treadmill.

  9. Foggy memory but is #3 Mad Miss Marrion?

  10. Mad Miss Manton, yes! I had about given up on anyone getting this! Nice film, isn’t it?

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