The Adams Family


“I feel like I’ve joined a family!” burbled Fiona, who is now a submissions editor at Edinburgh International Film Festival.

“The Adams Family,” suggested Diane Henderson. Mark Adams being the new creative director, you see.

Anyhow, one film Fiona spotted in her viewings was BEREAVE, which got programmed and now she’s hugely looking forward to meeting the filmmakers, Evangelos and George Giovanis, and their stars Malcolm McDowell and Jane Seymour, who are all coming. The latter two are doing an In Person event each. Also In Person: Ewan McGregor, Johnnie To, and Seamus McGarvey interviewing Haskell Wexler, which is unmissable.

Also of interest to me: FUTURE SHOCK! a documentary on 2000AD, the comic book that warped my young mind; seasons on Walter Hill, American TV movies of the seventies (Michael Mann, Steven Spielberg, Tobe Hooper, Sam Peckinpah), and Mexican cinema, featuring a few revivals of classic cine dorado offerings MACARIO and MARIA CANDELARIA.

Fiona and I are equally excited about Neil Innes, whose The Rutles is showing.

I’ve written four reviews for the program this year, on MISERY LOVES COMEDY, IT’S ALREADY TOMORROW IN HONG KONG, THE CHAMBERMAID LYNN and, um, something else. Maybe more on that later.

The long-awaited new Peter Bogdanovich, SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY appears! Which I think used to be listed on the IMDb under the title SQUIRRELS TO THE NUTS, a CLUNY BROWN reference which indicates his heart is in the right place. The cast is a VERY exciting medley of P-Bog favourites, including Tatum O’Neil, Cybill Shepherd, Colleen Camp. Austin Pendleton, Joanna Lumley, with leads Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Imogen Poots. I’m going to give it a shot.

COP CAR stars Kevin Bacon but second lead is Shea Whigham, and that’s enough to get me seriously stoked. Whoh!

They’re showing ROAR! That’s the one WTF decision. Otherwise, you get revivals of THE THIRD MAN, WATERLOO, THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123, DREDD (3D), THE BRAVE DON’T CRY and the newly-restored, de-Weinsteined director’s cut of 54. I saw the original release version, about the popular disco for heterosexuals. I’m assuming the new cut will be about 89% less heterosexual otherwise I’m still not going to be satisfied.

Animation: Barry Purves, possibly the best stop-motion artist in the world, is attending with his oeuvre. And from the sublime to Ralph Bakshi: three of his seventies features are screening. Plus Pixar;s INSIDE OUT and three shows of shorts (not enough, in my view).

I always pick a random smattering of the Black Box screenings, which is the experimental strand. I never know what I’m going to get, because it’s not really my area, but I’ve learned to trust the programmers there.

Most exciting, for us: though this is the first time in two years we don’t have a film in the fest, our great friend Colin McLaren, who wrote DONKEYS, does, and it’s the opening film. Robert Carlyle stars and directs with an unrecognizable Emma Thompson in THE LEGEND OF BARNEY THOMSON (see top). More soon…

14 Responses to “The Adams Family”

  1. Simon Fraser Says:

    This looks great. I do hope that Barney Thompson gets screened here in the US.

  2. Hope so too — I guess to some extent that depends on how it’s received at home. Reports via Colin are extremely favourable.

  3. She’s Funny That Way is superb. Bodanovich returns to his slapstick farce mode, but the speed is much faster than that of What’s Up Doc? and the jokes are “Meta.” Not only is Cluny Brown referenced (with a clip from it at the finale) but it’s kind of P.B. retrospective with many of the actors he’s worked with over the years popping in for a scene or two. Among them Austin Pendleton gets the most screen time. My god that man is hilarious. Best of all P.G. references HIMSELF with a clip from The Sopranos. Much fun from first to last.

  4. Fiona W Says:

    So I ‘burble’ now do I?

  5. Fiona W Says:

    Btw, The Rutles is NOT showing, as you well know, due to the continued legal fight to the death between Innes and (probably) Eric Idle.

  6. It’ll be interesting to hear about. Yes, Innes is substituting himself for the film, and should make a pretty good replacement. Seen the Bonzo Dog Band live and they were sublime.

  7. COLIN wrote the opening film? cripes I’m so out of touch! will make an effort

  8. Johnnie To!!!!!! Excellent.

  9. What film is he there for? Or is it a retrospective? I bought a Region 3 DVD of Blind Detective from YesAsia and can’t get the English subs to work. Doesn’t help that the menu is all in (I think) Cantonese, but I don’t usually have this problem with Region 3s.

  10. What film is he there for? Or is it a retrospective? I bought a Region 3 DVD of Blind Detective from YesAsia and can’t get the English subs to work. Doesn’t help that the menu is all in (I think) Cantonese, but I don’t usually have this problem with Region 3s.

  11. I think To is just there as a guest to talk about his work, and they’re showing Exiled along with it.

    I haven’t seen Blind Detective but enjoyed Mad Detective a whole lot.

  12. I’d love to see Exiled on the big screen.

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