Trailer Trash

Trailer Trash from David Cairns on Vimeo.

I seem to be belatedly realizing that a lot of my frame-grab fumetti would work even better as actual movies. This happened with my subtitled MGM lion assemblage, and its happened again with my movie trailer mash-ups. OF COURSE the thing to do is actually to cut the captions together to create one big mad run-on sentence. So I have. With a tip of the hat to Joe Dante’s Trailers from Hell, which is the internet’s greatest trailer park.

All clips came from a 1996 VHS release called Screen Screamers.



11 Responses to “Trailer Trash”

  1. DBenson Says:


  2. Yes! Rhubarb the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and, in this case, The Comedy of Terrors. One of the few credited animal stars who, unlike Rin Tin Tin, played different kinds of roles in different kinds of films. The feline Streep.

  3. Randy Cook Says:

    I thought Rhubarb was from RHUBARB, a 1951 film based on H. Allen Smith’s novel of the same name. Smith was a pretty damn funny writer (Low Man on a Totem Pole), but the movie was one I couldn’t get into. Rhubarb was played a cat named Orangey who changed his name to Rhubarb, à la Gig Young.

  4. Randy: positively the same cat!

  5. henryholland666 Says:

    I saw “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” as a 6 or 7 year old in the late 1960’s and to this day, I hesitate slightly before I go in to the ocean or a lake. Terror! Fright! A Premonition of Doom!

  6. I guess I was twice that age when I saw it projected in 3D. The effect was exciting for about five minutes — the fish tank made an indelible impression — and then we got kind of bored by the lack of human interest. If, like Marilyn Monroe, I had felt sorry for the creature, that would have helped.

  7. DBenson Says:

    Pity AIP or Hammer or even old Universal never latched onto the idea of a animal horror movie star. Training a scary dog or a primate to perform mayhem is a seriously bad idea. But one could imagine a moody black cat (or a dynasty of same) wandering through all a studio’s horror product. Perched on a vampire’s shoulder here, hissing at Dr. Jeckyl there, leading the camera down a darn alley or corridor to the first body . . . a living icon of fear and mystery.

  8. There are amusing photos of both Universal in the 30s and AIP in the 60s holding mass auditions for black cats to play the title role in their Poe “adaptations.” But in each case the actual winner of the casting call wasn’t made much of.

  9. Fiona W Says:

    Hello DBenson. There are loads of animal horror movies, the main perps being apes, the occasional monkey (George Romero’s Monkey Shines – chapuchin, Shakma – baboon) and dogs. Inevitably, cats also get a look in, but they’re more of a symbolic, lurking presence than a real, physical threat.

  10. But now animal horror stars who go from film to film and are known by name to the audience. The dog in White Dog (or one of them) who turns up again in Body Double because he was the only screen dog to scare DePalma, is the closest.

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