An entry for The Film Preservation Blogathon. The trick is to ead them as one continuous sentence. You can also amuse yourself by identifying as many of the movies from the trailer frame-grabs as you can and posting the results in the comments section, if you like. I will probably be unable to confirm whether you are correct, however…



19 Responses to “Ballyhoo”

  1. Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m thrilled, chilled, and more than a little exhausted…

  2. […] Cairns of Shadowplay returns with a second post, an wonderfully unique series of title cards that deliver a socko scifi message. So much fun, […]

  3. Don’t forget the immortal “Jane Russell Shakes Her Tambourine and Drives Cornel Wild!”

  4. Jeff Gee Says:

    Somebody actually put “YOUR EYES WILL GLAZE” in a trailer?? Although heaven knows a lot of people should have….

  5. “Your eyes will glaze” was followed by “Your ears will pop” if I recall correctly. The movie itself did not look good, but I completely forget what it was.

  6. Jeff Gee Says:

    “Your Eyes Will Glaze / Your Ears Will Pop / Your Hair And Fingernails Will Continue To Grow, To All Appearances…”

  7. Well, for sure you’ve got Tarantula! in there, and Them, plus Beast from 20000 Fathoms, plus 20 Million Miles to Earth. And The Time Machine. Then there’s First Man into Space. And for sure there’s Quatermass and the Pit, the glorious Fiend Without A Face…
    finally I have to admit I can’t be sure but you may have Journey to the 7th Planet glazing and popping.

  8. VERY good! I would have thought that the easiest would be number five, which has the largest amount of recognizable imagery…

  9. What a great post, I love this!

  10. Oh god, did I forget Doctor Cyclops??!!!??

  11. Don’t take it too badly.

    I bet you can guess the penultimate one — the title card comes right after it and finishes the sentence.

  12. DBenson Says:

    I found myself remembering a favorite print ad line:
    “From the country that brought you ‘I am Curious Yellow’!”

  13. “From the country that brought you Nymphomaniac comes… Reptilicus!”

    I’m sure I’ve seen “From the studio that brought you -” on recent posters, which is really just as stupid.

  14. Oh Oh Oh wait! I think I’ve got it – When Worlds Collide!

  15. Plus I didn’t take anything badly! Dr Cyclops was the first one I identified, but perversely I neglected to post it. :-)

  16. Yes, When Worlds Collide is it! That one disappointed me so badly as a kid — too much WAITING! — I’ve never revisited it. I think Deluge got things right by putting the apocalypse at the start of the film.

  17. Brilliant. My eyes didn’t glaze at all.

  18. Maybe the forthcoming video version will succeed in glazing and popping and the like. Coming Soon!

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