Paddington Beary Lyndon

shining bear

So, Paddington Bear, beloved character of books, TV and now a movie, has crossed paths with Stanley Kubrick already, in the internet meme which saw the Peruvian immigrant popping up in various horror films, including THE SHINING.

I’ve long felt that something should be done about the fact that Kubrick’s masterly BARRY LYNDON and the charming children’s show Paddington Bear share a narrator, the great Michael Hordern. So I’ve done something.

Paddington Beary Lyndon from David Cairns on Vimeo.

I’m not sure it redounds to my credit. Still, I can add my name to Soderbergh’s on the list of people who have interviewed Richard Lester and fannied about with Kubrick films. Next I shall remake SOLARIS in my backyard.

PaddingtonBearyLyndon2 from David Cairns on Vimeo.

7 Responses to “Paddington Beary Lyndon”

  1. Don’t forget Paddington’s allowance!

  2. LORD Paddington, to you!

  3. American though I am, I did read a few of Paddington Bear’s adventures in my childhood. I’m glad I stopped before “Paddington Bear Joins the Prussian Army”, though, and especially glad I missed the final book in which he returns to Peru a drink-soaked ruin.

  4. There are some amusing bits when he’s an international card sharp, though, his hirsuit features making for a highly effective “poker face”.

  5. Back when Double Rainbow Guy was a thing, I couldn’t prevent myself from doing this:

  6. […] that seemed more charming and more in keeping with the innocent flavour of the thing. I even made this tribute. And Fiona has a history with Michael Bond’s original books — when she was very small, […]

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