I refuse.

Reposting in memory of Ryan McHenry, who made the above work of genius. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, he immediately started working for Black Camel Productions, who made SUNSHINE ON LEITH, got a development deal to turn his third year film ZOMBIE MUSICAL into a feature — and then got cancer. He spent the intervening timeĀ battling it as hard as any human could. He won a couple of years of life.

Ever just want to go back to bed on the theory you’ll wake up in a different reality where some particular thing never happened?



7 Responses to “I refuse.”

  1. Sad to hear this. I first saw the Gosling vine through shadowplay, and have shown it to my students on a number of occasions since then, as an example of how you can be funny and yeah, genuinely brilliant, in under a minute.

  2. And with no resources but a camera and some DVDs and a spoonful of cereal.

  3. I love YouTube clips and this amazing lofi work is wonderful and so funny. The best kind! Simple and effective. I heard about Ryan’s death yesterday from someone who was at art school with him and despite not knowing this lad, I know his work and I truly feel saddened. I have since rewatched the clips and laughed over and over…. The best clips bring you back again and again! What a sad loss.

  4. AMAZING tribute from Ryan Gosling to Ryan McHenry: https://vine.co/v/eZiWE0E0dOQ

  5. Simon Fraser Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear this news.
    Also liking Ryan Gosling right now.

  6. Yeah, that’s one actor who just skyrocketed in my estimation. A fitting and sweet and brilliant gesture.

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