Okay, now this happened.

It suddenly occurred to me that subtitling Leo was the way to go, and wouldn’t be that hard. So that’s what I did. I rewrote it slightly from yesterday’s version for purposes of timing, so there are some new lines in there. Enjoy!


More limericks, like this one on Greenstreet & Lorre

More schinkenworter (ham-words) — in which I attempt to condense movie stars of the early thirties into single compound words. It may make more sense if you just go look at it, care of The Chiseler.



5 Responses to “More”

  1. Don’t forget the Leo image (not a live lion, not roaring and not moving) at the start of “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

    Very controversial — and to my knowledge never used again.

  2. There seem to be variations on that logo so it may have cropped up on other 1968 releases. But I’ve never seen the film projected with that logo, to my knowledge.

    I deplore the subbing in of modern logos and the removal of authentic ones.

  3. Really? As far as I know it was only on “2001” — which I saw 10 times in Cinerama back in 1968.

  4. It’s really nice. Even better than Saul Bass’s Warner logo which often gets omitted from Barry Lyndon and Clockwork Orange.

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