Last week’s edition of The Forgotten got bumped owing to Berlin, so here it is this week. Nobody guess who the image was off or what the film was last week, which is hardly surprising — you would had to have just watched the movie to recall the shot, and nobody out there is watching this movie, which is why I wrote about it in the Forgotten. A neglected production by international shady producers the Salkinds, made right after their THREE MUSKETEERS films with Richard Lester, and starring Milady herself, Faye Dunaway, who’s paired with Frank “Disco Dracula” Langella — already, this sounds like a film that should be better known, and when you factor in Rene Clement as director, a sensation of “where have you been all my life?” starts to obtrude.


10 Responses to “De-forgotten”

  1. Skeletor and Selena, together at last!

  2. I am intrigued by this little known movie but some of your facts are wrong. It was produced in 1971, two years before the Musketeer films. It was not produced by the Salkinds. Dunaway did not have the best luck with her film following BONNIE AND CLYDE. A PLACE FOR LOVERS, THE EXTRAORDINARY SEAMAN, and THE ARRANGEMENT were made with three great directors, but each film is a disaster. Most reports indicate that the actors took over the direction of DOC. I have always wanted to see PUZZLE OF THE DOWNFALL CHILD which based on contemporary reviews sounds very intriguing. CHINATOWN helped keep her credibility as a major actress, but her filmography has more than its share of clunkers. Sadly I think MOMMIE DEAREST is what most people now know.

  3. Puzzle of a Downfall Child is beautiful and fascinating, one of FD’s most sympathetic roles.

    You’re right on the dates and the producers — I had started watching Claude Chabrol’s The Twist which IS produced by the Salkind’s, and at some point transposed credits in my mind (then concocted a fake history which made more sense than the real one).

    I wouldn’t have thought Doc would need to be directed by the actors, it had Frank Perry who made some great movies before stumbling badly with Mommie Dearest. And had he been so unsatisfactory on that movie, would Dunaway have worked with him again?

  4. Skeletor and Selena, or Dracula and Bonnie Parker? The team-up possibilities are limitless. I think Selena would have gotten on well with The Ninth Gate’s Boris Balkan, but less so with Superman Returns’ Perry White. The Wicked Lady’s Lady Barbara Skelton + Skeletor? Clare Quilty and Milady DeWinter?

  5. I beg to differ very strongly re “The Arrangement.” it’s one of Gadge’s best and she’s marvelous in it. I saw the very first public screening in New York and Alain Resnais was sitting right next to me — accompanied by Florence Malraux. When it was over she said to him “Well shall we go?” and he replied “No — we’re going to see it again!”

  6. Good old Alain!

    I’ve only caught bits of it over the years and it always looked glossy and at least interesting. Maybe it could be triple-billed with Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? and How to Get Ahead in Advertising.

  7. I have only seen THE ARRANGEMENT once so I will have to give it another chance. I like Kazan. As for Frank Perry, few of his films have reached home video. I would like to see PLAY IT AS IT LAYS, DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE, and LAST SUMMER again. As for DOC, it does have one of my favorite moments featuring Dunaway. She plays Kate Elder and she sports a large gold tooth which is fairly prominent. A church woman comes to her door and tells her she needs to get on her knees and pray. Dunaway responds “When I get on my knees, it ain’t for prayin’!”

  8. That was a good game.

  9. Here’s Play It As It Lays. Tuesday at her most ineffable.

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