Lassen Sie uns Beute

German trailer for LET US PREY, co-written by Fiona & I with uncredited contributions from Rae OUTPOST Brunton. I like this trailer better than the English-language one, actually. I recognize just as much of the dialogue. Also, I think this one gives a better sense of the story, rather than just being a highly kinetic assemblage of mayhem (though it certainly fulfills that role too.) Also we get to enjoy the stunning audio-visual work of Brian O’Malley and his team. And I get the giggles seeing my friends with alien German voices emerging from their lips as if they were possessed by a Teutonic Mercedes McCambridge.

The movie can already be purchased in three different editions from German Amazon here. Any of the top three choices on that link — avoid the nunsploitation compilation and the Midsomer Murders compendium, unless you’re into that stuff. In which case, knock yourself out.

BUT — the distributor also promises theatrical screenings in select outlets, so keep your eyes peeled and your enemies closer, or however the saying goes. (Keep your eyes closed and your enemies peeled?)

About the Google-translated title of this post. I’m almost certain LET US PREY doesn’t work in German. I’m not convinced it works in English. For the record, our title was CELL 6, but this was judged too oblique.

Buy now, and see the film wags are already calling OCCULT ON PRECINCT 13 (a far better title, if you want a pun, and a good clue to how funny the film is, even as the mangled bodies pile up). As crime writer Ian Rankin put it on Twitter, “Well, Let Us Prey was gloriously OTT – imagine Assault on Precinct 13, made in Scotland by Lucio Fulci, with added Book of Revelations…”

All our Italian splatter viewing hasn’t gone to waste, apparently.

6 Responses to “Lassen Sie uns Beute”

  1. So the German DVD is in English! Fiona told me it was dubbed.

  2. F here – My cat was badly confused and so was I.

  3. Interestingly grim.

  4. The DVD I think will be bilingual — the trailer, as you can see, is in the Germanic.

    The movie is grim but twinkly! I think a fair bit of humour made it in, maybe even more than we expected, but we’re very happy with that side of it.

  5. henryholland666 Says:

    Re: trailers [rant mode on]

    I went to a theater to see the Jude Law submarine movie “Black Sea” yesterday (liked it a lot) and they played *7* effin’ trailers before it started. These were full-on 3 minute trailers and for two of them (“Fast & Furious Part 200,872,149” and another Will Smith bomb, “Focus”), they basically gave away the entire movie. I don’t care as I’d have to be paid a vast sum of money to go see either one, but still.

    [/rant mode]

  6. Soderbergh argued a lot about movie trailers when he was directing movies. They put together slam-bang things that are very impactful, but they lose impact when you see several in a row. He was arguing that if you make a soft, slow, suggestive trailer it will actually have far more effect because it will be surrounded by explosions and flash-frame cutting.

    But Let Us Prey really doesn’t cry out for a gentle, allusive treatment. It’s a hit-em-in-the-face-with-a-battering-ram film. I mean, someone actually does get hit in the face with a battering ram. That’s not really a spoiler, since viewers will quickly realize that anything with a hard surface in this film is going to get used as an offensive weapon before the end titles role…

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