Blogney Logic


Sitting in the Cameo Bar with collaborator Alex Livingstone, working on a screenplay idea, of which more later. Playing on the big wall-mounted TV is Film4, and CAT BALLOU comes on.

“It just said ‘wank’, reported the sharp-eyed Alex.”

And so it did. As the credits (literally) unfold, the screenplay is momentarily assigned to one WANK R. NEVRSON. I reported this on Facebook and Chiseler editor Daniel Riccuito described it as “blogney logic,” which I like a lot.


A Blogney, as regular Shadowplayers may recall, is when someone like Joan Blondell meets someone like James Cagney during a Warner Bros title sequence (era 1931-1935 approximately) and as the screen wipes from one actor to another we get a glimpse of a hypothetical, freakish and ambisexual third actor, with hir own name and character. I’m actually running out of examples of this rare fauna, but here are some more.

And one more.

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