Mug Shots


Art by man-myth Tony Millionaire graces a new article at MUBI, co-authored by Daniel Riccuito (of The Chiseler) and I. Subject: the pre-code avatars of, respectively, slopeyness and pointyness, Allen Jenkins and Ned Sparks. Here.


2 Responses to “Mug Shots”

  1. My Significant Boyfriend (Bill Reed) notes that while the venerable IMBD lists three survivors for Allen Jenkins, no information about them can be found anywhere. Bill’s publisher, Bear Manor , who specialize in books about the show business WE care about (they’ve recently put out a massive bio of the great Mary Wickes) would love to have a book about Jenkins. So. . . .over to you (or anyone else out there.)

  2. I shall convey this information to Mr. Riccuito at once!

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