The Shadowplay Impossible Christmas Film Quiz

A short one, ’cause I’m sleepy.


1) WTF?

2) What do the following have in common?

a) Lance Henriksen, Anthony Quayle, Meshach Taylor

b) Ed Asner, Donald Pleasence, Joe Morton

c) Alex Winter, Timothy Spall, Udo Kier

d) Kirk Douglas, Kirk Baltz, Dick Green


14 Responses to “The Shadowplay Impossible Christmas Film Quiz”

  1. 2 a) They all got chopped in half. 2 c) They all got… Staked through the heart? 2 d) They all ended up missing an ear. 2 b has me stumped. I’m HOPING there are movies where Ed Asner and Joe Morton are eaten by giant antibodies, but probably not.

  2. 1) Bride and the Beast outtake.
    2 a) All played characters called Hollywood.
    b) All played characters with three toes.
    c) Nymphomaniac Vol. III
    d) Man. The answer is Man.

  3. Jeff, correct on 2a. Aliens, Rain of Fire and Damien: Omen II. IN correct on 2c. Correct on 2d: Lust for Life, Reservoir Dogs and Blue Velvet.

    Simon, would that these were true! 2a, lovely answer. Can we include Slim Pickens and Michael J Fox also?

  4. Winter and Kier both playing vampires threw me. But I was close. All three of them played Dr. Polidori!

  5. b) Ed Asner, Donald Pleasence, Joe Morton

    They were all in films that featured talking dogs?

  6. Let’s see… Up… no, unless there’s a deleted scene in You Only Live Twice and Terminator II…

  7. Ahhh, Polidori! What other houseguest inspired enough loathing to found a whole genre?

  8. Well, Joe Morton was in Lenny the Wonder Dog which prominently features a prolix pooch, but it’s true I’m not aware of a Pleasence title with such.

    Were they all married to Elizabeth Taylor?

  9. Well, I stumbled across this in Donald Pleasence’s IMDB bio: “Was originally chosen to play Blair in The Thing (1982), but a scheduling conflict prevented him from doing so. Therefore, the role went to Wilford Brimley.” I can only hope that the line “Therefore, the role went to Wilford Brimley.” appears in the IMDB bios of Ed Asner and Joe Morton as well.

  10. I like the way you’re thinking.

    However, the correct answer, maybe a little vague, is that they all crashed in New York: Elf, Escape from New York and The Brother from Another Planet.

    c) is they all played Dr Polidori.

    The image is of Charles Gemora and his little friend in a Charley Chase talking comedy, Nature in the Wrong, which also features a lion dubbed by James Finlayson.

  11. I’m sticking with the Wilford Brimley answer.

  12. It’s a good answer to just about any question.

  13. Curses! Missed it.

  14. I think I will do a full-scale edition around New Year. You have been warned.

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