Ones That Got Away


When I get late submissions from students at work, it’s annoying because sometimes I have to fail them, and always I have to warn them that if they submit late in their final year, they WILL fail. Away from work, I am DELIGHTED to get late submissions, ie for The Late Show Late Movies Blogathon, where it’s like an unexpected treat, a parcel on Boxing Day. Imagine my pleasure as The Blue Vial posts an appreciation of character thesp James Millican, featuring also wise words on stalwart B helmer Jack Arnold (THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN changed my life). Here.


As I was preparing for the blogathon, I ran the final film of Lew Landers, supremely prolific B-hack best known for the Karloff-Lugosi campfest THE RAVEN and 173 other films, serials, whatnots. The film is called TERRIFIED (1963) and it’s not very good but I watched it one night with Fiona and we made note of lots of funny things to say about it and I wrote them down the following day… or I thought I did. I have forgotten all of them, and everything about the film, except —


1) Someone is trying to terrify people to death. He drives one poor chap mad before the titles even role, by threatening to bury him in cement.

2) There are two leading men and the more promising one (Rod Lauren) clearly fancies himself as a James Dean method guy, which is an interesting presence to have in a Lew Landers movie.

3) Most of the action takes place in a roadhouse and a ghost town, so it’s cheap.

4) The supposedly terrifying things are really lame.

5) The only familiar name associated with it is Denver Pyle, who has some impressive credits but whom I might not remember if not for The Dukes of Hazard being on all the time when I was a kid, and his name being, implausibly, Denver Pyle.

But that’s it! The rest is GONE, and I will NOT be watching TERRIFIED again. Life is not only too short, it’s possibly too sweet.

2 Responses to “Ones That Got Away”

  1. Ahah! Now the rest of you can see, and forget TERRIFIED also.

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