A Lorre End


We’ve been limericking about Peter Lorre over at Limerwrecks: for the full assortment, go here. The relevant one today is here, celebrating Peter’s last role, opposite Jerry Lewis in THE PATSY.

Horror host Hilary Barta adds to the confusion today with a five-line stroll through Fritz Lang’s final MABUSE flick, here. It’s a movie I previously mused about here.


5 Responses to “A Lorre End”

  1. Well, Lorre and Lang did work together once.

  2. It was also Everett Sloane’s last role.

  3. Weird how, in THE PATSY, that ridiculously overqualified cast of character actors has very very little to do.

  4. Maybe not weird, per se, but it is a little frustrating if you wanted to see Keenan Wyn and John Carradine , etc. actually do something.

  5. Yes, an embarrassment of riches, largely unspent.

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