The Late Show



This is the post to link to if you’re writing elsewhere. I’ll try to use science to pin it to the top of the page for the duration of the event. Readers should scroll down to read hopefully at least one new Shadowplay piece per day.

First up: Matthew Wilder on Bergman.

Second: Rebecca of Nobody Knows Anybody, the Spanish cinema blog, addresses Ivan Zulueta’s AREBATO (RAPTURE) here.

Third: David Ehrenstein covers Adolfas Mekas.

I just posted my own first piece, on EA Dupont’s sagebrush psycho-noir, THE SCARF.

I always look forward to Gareth’s yearly entries, and this one, on Jean Gabin’s swan song, is a beauty.

Limerwrecks addresses, in rhyme, the final outings of Peter Lorre and Fritz Lang, or as I like to call them, M Division.

Regular guest Shadowplayer Judy Dean exults in Valerio Zurlini’s existential epic DESERT OF THE TARTARS, below.

Eddie Selover bravely looked at Mae and Marlene’s last movies last year. This year he returns with a consideration of the career and career-finishing choices of the wondrous Veronica Lake.

Over at The Forgotten, I enjoy songwriter Adolph Green in a late-life change of career.

Tim Hayes shows some love for that axiom of cinema (and author of “The Watermelon”), Henry Gibson.

A late Peter Sellers is also the final Richard Quine, down below.

Harold Lloyd’s last film — and a late one for Preston Sturges, considered at Retro Critical.

I peruse a late John Bunny and the last Claude Chabrol.

Grand Old Movies tackles Alan Ladd’s last opus, THE CARPETBAGGERS, and does so beautifully.

Even Jean Renoir’s brilliant career had to end.


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Now, let’s get cracking.


8 Responses to “The Late Show”

  1. Hi David. My contribution – on Iván Zulueta’s Arrebato / Rapture (1980) – is now up on my blog.

  2. Thanks! Linked!

  3. Here’s mine, Jean Gabin’s final film, L’Année sainte:

    Great stuff so far!

  4. Thanks! Linking, and reading!

  5. Here’s my Grand Old Movies post for the blogathon, on Alan Ladd in The Carpetbaggers – direct link:

  6. […] means the guide to what’s appeared has vanished back to a week ago but can still be checked here. Meanwhile, I still have a few thoughts, and there may be posts appearing as late as […]

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