Night! Youth! Paris! And the moon!


From tomorrow until Thursday I will be in Paris, France (pictured).

On Wednesday there will be a very special screening of NATAN at the French national film school, La Femis, which is housed in the Rue Francoeur film studios founded by Bernard Natan, but which has had no memorial to him — until now! In fact, so forgotten was the man who built the studio, that we were able to interview students at the school, none of whom knew who built it, and according to private information, even some of the staff were unaware of this part of its history.*

So there may be only light blogging this week — I had planned to prepare lots of stuff to post while away, but after a busy teaching week, I got nothing. And I will be racing to get stuff ready for the Late Show Late Movies Blogathon after that.

*Full disclosure: as a film lecturer, I knew only too well that only a tiny number of film students know any film history at all. You’re lucky if they know any history history. One student from a few years back began a presentation with “Since human civilisation began, two thousand years ago…”


17 Responses to “Night! Youth! Paris! And the moon!”

  1. Jesus doesn’t get nearly enough credit for inventing plumbing.

  2. Truly this man was the son of God [flushes].

  3. When challenged about his dates, the student murmured, “Well, more or less.”

  4. I don’t know from history, but in regard to my sex life, I’m always dating myself.

  5. Ha!

    I would like to point out for the record that I have taught some very smart students too.

  6. La Femis! Color me impressed. Break a leg, man.

  7. It should be fun/interesting/moving.

    Anybody has any ideas for cinematic stuff to do in Paris, I’m all ears. Since the trip was costing me (I hope to claim it back) but the accommodation is free, I thought I’d stick around a few days, but I don’t really know what I’m going to do with myself.

  8. Buy me stuff from French pharmacies! If I get any more ideas I’ll let you know. This is only tangentially related to film, but if there’s a good one near La Cinémathèque Française you’re sorted. ; )

  9. Yeah, talking to yourself like that is a sure sign that you need something refilled…

  10. That was Fiona, talking to me using my own WordPress account. It’s like long-distance ventriloquism, crossed with diabolical possession. With added shopping advice.

  11. There’s a BNF exhibition on OULIPO which should be worth visiting when you want a rest from cinema

  12. David in Bercy there is a film museum or Cinema museum take a batobus to Jardin des plants then walk about 20 mins (we never got to grips with the metro under the mistaken impression that dogs are banned)

  13. Yes, it’s the Cinematheque! I was there yesterday, bankrupting myself on postcards. They have a TRuffaut exhibition on at the moment as well as their regular exhibits.

  14. Did you see that the streets nearby are named after directors? Miss b and I never made it in as it opened at 11 and we were always desperate to get more in rather than wait for it to open. Tho the park was a big hit with Trouble the Dog

  15. John Collier!

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