The Sunday Intertitle: So long, salon



Athalia Roubinowitch, sculptress (played by Suzy Pierson, actress), who, in keeping with her louche 20s lifestyle, has a small dog, a pet monkey AND a parrot (the three animals Fiona craves, although she wouldn’t actually keep a monkey as a pet as that would be wrong).

THE MIRROR HAS THREE FACES is not a threequel to Barbra Streisand’s 1996 madman business, and nor was that in itself a sequel to something called THE MIRROR HAS ONE FACE. No, indeed. Instead, LA GLACE A TROIS FACES is a 1927 Jean Epstein drama, full of melting lap dissolves, sparkling finery, closeups of facial features and impressionistic glamour. The idea is an interesting one — three women are in love with the same man, but each perceives his character quite differently. A brief sketch at 40 minutes, it could have been expanded with more story to put the various facets of his supposed character into action — without exploring his behaviour via dramatic situations, the concept seems more trite than it really is. But wallowing in 1920s exoticism is always fun…

The IMDb has no date of death for Suzy Epstein, born 1907. It seems a bit optimistic to hope she’s still out there, but if not, how can the star of so many movies drop out of history like that?

If you haven’t blown all your resources on Jacques Tati, you can buy the Epstein box set here: Coffret Jean Epstein – DVD

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