Sabbat from David Cairns on Vimeo.

Surprisingly raunchy witches’ sabbat from LA LE DESTIN EXECRABLE DE GUILLEMETTE BABIN (1948).

Sadly, I am forced to reflect that a black mass or sabbat would not be as much fun in real life as the IDEA of one is. I can’t even see myself enjoying it as an onlooker. Uncomfortable, draughty, mainly.

An idea: William Shatner must and should record a spoken word album rendering of Rabbie Burns’ immortal witch poem Tam O’Shanter, said product to be called, inevitably but attractively, TAM O’SHATNER.


Happy Day of the Dead!

3 Responses to “Walpurgisnackte”

  1. It’s “le destin”, actually!

  2. Thanks! Confusion because the actual title on this print says “La Vie” but the IMDb gives it as “Destin.”

  3. TAM O’SHATNER just made my day!

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