The Sunday Intertitle: Lulu, Interrupted


In collaboration with Timo Langer (editor) and Fiona Watson (narrator), I have put together a video essay to accompany the Masters of Cinema Blu-ray of GW Pabst’s DIARY OF A LOST GIRL, starring Louise Brooks.

This would be a dream job if one could make a living at it, but small fees for fun work are, I think, better than fat ones for drudgery.

You buying the product from the nice evil people at Amazon via this link will bring in a few extra pennies: Diary of a Lost Girl [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD)

In case you need a better reason:


5 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Lulu, Interrupted”

  1. Im confused. Brooks played “Lulu” in Pabst’s Pandoras Box.

  2. Will this be released in the US?

  3. The movie, hopefully (Kino maybe already did it, and will probably upgrade), but the DVD extra, probably not.

  4. CM, don’t let it worry you. “Lulu” is also an affectionate term for Brooks herself, as in “Lulu in Hollywood” — or, one might say, a term for that part of her personality it fits.

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